My sayings are reflections of my thoughts and feelings. . . evoked by my experience of the world.

When they occurred they were true, for me.  I reserve the right to change my mind without warning.

So, when/if you quote me, don’t begin with: “Wolfgang says…”  but with: “Once, Wolfgang said …”


I started in 1988, when there was absolutely nothing to do, during a three day solo on a deserted island near Dunk Island.  Pen and paper was my conversation partner.  Writing my thoughts down freed my mind, which made meditation much easier.

Writing is part of my daily life, a source of fulfilment, upliftment and satisfaction.  I enjoy it, therefore I do it.  Since most of my writings are published on my other blogs, I recommend you click on  My other Sites where you can read about them and find their links.


A bit of housekeeping: I thought about sorting the saying out according to the topic.  Since this would have been my sorting and your sorting might be different, I decided to publish in sequence of their occurrence.  You can pick the years above the header photo or below, in the footer.

Most of all . . . enjoy

Amadeus W.



Copyright?  It would be nice if you would quote me.


9 July 2014


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